Struggling to decide what to do next


First off let me say I’m really enjoying working through the Java Track and learning the language better. However, I’m now stuck on a few exercises and not sure what do first / next.

I’ve been using the Learn “view” to drive my next exercise. I’d first do the Learning Exercise in a Concept and then a 2nd or 3rd, but I’m getting stuck.

If you will look at the Exercise List on the Overview page you can better see where I’m stuck. This leads me to my question…

What order are the exercises in on the Overview page and should I focus on these from 1 to n or just try to do the Learning Exercises in all Concepts first and then work other exercises?


You may want to focus on solving easy exercises before tackling medium or hard. The practice exercises, as a whole, aren’t really structured/ordered in any particular way.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to focus on the easy exercises, regardless of where they show up in the Learning Concepts view or the one I posted above.