Struggling with a mentor

Hello everyone, i just want to say i love evverything but i have been struggling with a mentor basically i dont understand the way he teaches and stuff and everything and i have queued up twice with him and yea i am just not really having that learning experience with him, to the point it gets hard for him to understand me or for me to understand i dont have the same exerpeience with other mentors so i like to hear your thoughts on it and lastly, he did this self promotion in the end is this allowed?

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Session price will be negotiable


You can report poor mentoring sessions and block mentors when you end discussions. You can always end a mentoring discussion, block the mentor and request a new mentoring session.

@iHiD for the “allowed” bits :slight_smile:


Hey. Sorry you’re having this experience. People shouldn’t be self-promoting unless I’ve OK’d it (which is very rare!)

Which track/exercise this is please? Which that info I can read the conversation in the database and go from there.



its the Darts exercise from the python track.