Struggling with a mentor

Hello everyone, i just want to say i love evverything but i have been struggling with a mentor basically i dont understand the way he teaches and stuff and everything and i have queued up twice with him and yea i am just not really having that learning experience with him, to the point it gets hard for him to understand me or for me to understand i dont have the same exerpeience with other mentors so i like to hear your thoughts on it and lastly, he did this self promotion in the end is this allowed?

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You can report poor mentoring sessions and block mentors when you end discussions. You can always end a mentoring discussion, block the mentor and request a new mentoring session.

@iHiD for the “allowed” bits :slight_smile:


Hey. Sorry you’re having this experience. People shouldn’t be self-promoting unless I’ve OK’d it (which is very rare!)

Which track/exercise this is please? Which that info I can read the conversation in the database and go from there.



its the Darts exercise from the python track.

How do you block a mentor? i haven’t been able to find this option.
Thank you

I believe when you end a discussion, you can rate the mentor poorly which gives you the option to block the mentor.

Oh, i’ve already passed that stage, i think i gave a neutral response, maybe that’s why i didn’t see the option.
Is there no way to block them now? do i have to wait to get them again and then rate them poorly?

I think so? Out of curiosity, why the neutral response if you feel negatively enough to want to block them?

There is asking here, of course, but also on the bottom of the page:

And @iHiD or @ErikSchierboom have now been pinged to this message, and can direct you more directly as well.