Stubs in SQLite

As SQLite is unusual in the way results are returned, might it be worth providing more of a stub? For example, in DARTS maybe the stub could be:

-- Schema: CREATE TABLE "darts" ("x" REAL, "y" REAL, score INTEGER);
-- Task: update the darts table and set the score based on the x and y values.

UPDATE darts
SET score = 0; -- TODO: Update this to set the correct score.

If I’d not looked at an exercise today, I think I’d be totally unclear of what to do without that reminder/explanation.

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The shape of the … stub/statement is often a pretty big part of the solution. We could do a simple stub like that but for many exercises an UPDATE SET could be pretty misleading.

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Could you give me an example where it would be misleading please?

Many exercises cannot be solved with only a single UPDATE. I’m worried that a stub like that might prove confusing and make people think they’re suppose to solve the exercise with a single INSERT.

OK, I’ll play more with the track :slight_smile: