Stuck on hello world

Please I have been unable to write my first “Hello,World!” in the python dashboard, I am a new beginner and I have followed all the instructions to the best of my knowledge but it is still returning error messages, please how do i go about this, thank you.

Hi @Godsonike - firstly, welcome to the Exercism Forum - my name is Jonathan and I’m the Community Manager at Exercism :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’re having issue with the first exercise. Exercism is more generally geared towards those with a bit of prior coding understanding so I would highly recommend checking out CodeAcademy to get a sense of the basics, and then come back to Exercism.

We are developing a ‘Learn to Code’ platform next year that I can keep you posted about if you would like?


Hi, I’m facing the same issue and it’s disappointing since it actually works on python but doesn’t work on the exercism platform.

def hello():
return ‘Goodbye, Mars!’
print (“Hello, World!”)

This exercise asks that you implement a function which returns the string “Hello world”.


Thank you @IsaacG
That worked. the instructions aren’t clear. It doesn’t clarify “return” anywhere. it just says “say “Hello, World!””

Here’s the answer to it:
def hello():
return ‘Hello, World!’

The instructions say (emphasis mine)

Modify the provided code so that it produces the string “Hello, World!”.

Also, looking at the tests themselves (here in would be good habit.

The failing unit tests ought to indicate that the function was called and it expected “X” to be returned but it got “Y”.

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Hello! I didn’t get it ‘-’

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You are printing a string when the function should return a string.


Thank you!

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