Subscribed but Premium status not showing


I recently subscribed and it does not appear that it is reflecting that I have. I saw on another forum post about the page and I am unable to access that.

I login through GitHub so I don’t know if that might have caused a hiccup or not.


We’ve merged Premium into Insiders. Did you check the conditions listed on Exercism?

I did check there. I setup the recurring donation yesterday.

@sgaworion To be clear, can you access Exercism - what do you see if you view that?

Premium has been merged into Insiders so the Premium page doesn’t exist any more.

Thanks for supporting us btw! :slight_smile:

I can see that. It takes me to the insiders page. That’s actually where I went to find out how to donate.

You’re welcome! Been enjoying the site so far.

OK so for some reason it didn’t give you proper access to that page. Sorry!

Is that better now?

All good! It’s working now.

Thanks for the help!

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