Suggested change: [Little Sister's Essay] Fix a typo in the exercise introduction

Hello! :wave: I’m really enjoying Exercism, thank you!

Would like to suggest a fix for a small typo in the first example of “Little Sister’s Essay” exercise.

Here’s a PR: [Essays] Fix a typo in the exercise introduction by anym0us · Pull Request #3672 · exercism/python · GitHub

man_in_hat_ru = 'mужчина в шляпе'
(m is a latin/roman letter).

A suggested change:
man_in_hat_ru = 'мужчина в шляпе'
(м is expected to be a cyrillic letter).

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:woman_facepalming: I cannot believe that that typo has been sitting there all this time! :cry:

Thank you for catching that, and for submitting a PR. :blue_heart:

I have reopened and commented on it. The same change is needed in the related string-methods concept file. Once that change is made, I will approve and merge. :smile:

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Hello @BethanyG! :wave: I’ve made changes to concept file as well.

P.S. No worries. I’m happy to make Exercism even better!


Hi @dcheremushkin :wave:

Your PR has been approved and merged1 :rocket:

Thanks again :smile:

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