Suggested changes to python learning exercise black_jack instructions

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I’ve read the forum’s Guidelines, the New Contribution Guidelines and the python’s repository Sorry for not posting with links, but since I am new, I am limited to just two of them.

It seems that the instructions on the third python exercise black_jack - 3. Calculate the value of an ace could be improved.
It might be better to refer to the value of the upcoming ace instead of the value of those in hand since this doesn’t apply if we have two aces in hand.

Current instructions:

Hint: if we already have an ace in hand then its value would be 11.

Proposed instructions:

Hint: if we already have an ace in hand, then the value for the upcoming ace would be 1.

I didn’t create a pull request (as instructed in guidelines), but I am ready to create it, since the proposed changes have been already pushed in another branch.

I hope you are all doing well. Please let me know if there is anything else I might do.

Source: “[…] and aces count as either 1 or 11 according to the player’s choice.” from Wikipedia’s article Rules_of_play_at_casinos .

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For convenience of reading and review here, the proposed diff is:

diff --git a/exercises/concept/black-jack/.docs/ b/exercises/concept/black-jack/.docs/
index 38f8d815d9..21fc971e23 100644
--- a/exercises/concept/black-jack/.docs/
+++ b/exercises/concept/black-jack/.docs/
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Define the `value_of_ace(<card_one>, <card_two>)` function with parameters `card
 Your function will have to decide if the upcoming ace will get a value of 1 or a value of 11, and return that value.
 Remember: the value of the hand with the ace needs to be as high as possible _without_ going over 21.
-**Hint**: if we already have an ace in hand, then the upcoming ace value would be 1.
+**Hint**: if we already have an ace in hand, then the value for the upcoming ace would be 1.
 >>> value_of_ace('6', 'K')

Hi @fefu :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion, and for discussing it on the forum!

I’d welcome a PR for the change to the file. – just keep in mind (and don’t be offended) that the auto-close bot will close it automatically - I can’t selectively turn the :robot: script off.

But do not worry – I’ll get notified by GitHub, and can quickly reopen it. :smile:

Please also title your PR after the exercise (_something like [Black Jack]: Updates to – all of our 144 exercises have an file, so it’s best to have the exercise name in the title for easy scanning/identification.

Thank you, @BethanyG :wave:
Following your instructions, the PR was created.

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PR has been reviewed and merged! :tada:

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Thank, you BethanyG. I am surprised and happy for the expedite solution. :fast_forward:
Thank, you kotp. Following your example, I will paste the proposed diffs in future messages :slight_smile: