Summer of Septs badge missing

Hi, this month I have done (marked as completed and published) some 15 exercises in Clojure but I have just realised I am missing the Summer of Septs badge. Could you have a look? I like my badges :smiley:


When you visit The #12in23 Challenge does it show you under “Your Progress” the Clojure exercises?

I just did 5 in Clojure and I did receive the badge, so the badge works at least sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

And I have two year long ones showing up in clojure too.

@ErikSchierboom will check when he’s back (he’s off this week and next). But we’ll make sure you get it :)

Thanks. I guess even Erics of the world need to have some time off! In the meantime I will prepare a PR to welcome him back :smiley:

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Same here on Racket. I submitted and published 6 exercises, all during june, but I didn’t got the badge.

I looked at the badge source code but could not see anything wrong. :man_detective:

I like my badges too! :smile:

I’ve got my badge! And I think I know what the problem might have been.

I never got (or seen) notification that I have received the badge and it was not showing in my profile view michalporeba's badges to Exercism. However, today I was looking for something and accidentally clicked on my journey and there in the badges section Exercism there was one unknown badge. I clicked it and I got my June badge.

The problem might be with notifications and that undiscovered badges are not showing in the profile page. @Adrien-ANTON-LUDWIG can you try if this is the same for you?


Indeed, I confirm.

As you described, I had no notification and couldn’t find it when I searched on my profile badges. But when I went to the journey’s page, there it was as undiscovered.

In addition to investigating the notification problem, should there be a mention of undiscovered badges on the profile badges’ page?

Thanks! :grin:

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