SVG Images with `-light` & `-dark` Version Only Show `-light` Variant

Just pushed an update to the leap approaches and performance article for the Python track. One of the additions was a performance chart that had a -light.svg and -dark.svg version. The -light version (black text and lines) is showing for both light and dark themes. Tested for both Firefox and Chrome.

Here is the website in dark theme:

But the graphic should look like this:

Here are the images as they display in a browser: (light) (dark)

Here’s a screengrab (too much code to paste) of part of the page source, showing logged in + dark theme, but the -light file is referenced instead of the -dark one:

This took some working out!

Our implementation requires that images are written using markdown syntax, rather than inline HTML. If you change it to that, it should work :slight_smile:

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The one thing I didn’t try!!

Thanks for looking into that. Fixed and pushed, and noted for next time. :smile:

Should we be explicit in the docs for images & put in an example?

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Yes probably. Pr welcome!