Swift Track Update for August 2023!

Swift blog post 2023/9/2

The majority of this month has been spent in porting more exercises to be templated

Practice Exercises

Bottle song

This month, the Beer Song exercises were deprecated in favor of Bottle Song. Which is templated and received the latest sweep of changes.


As mentioned last month was a generator introduced to make the track easier to maintain, we are still porting exercises to this generator. My hope was to reach 90-95% implementation by the end of August but that didn’t happen so instead that will be the aim for September. Currently, 75% of the exercises are templated and updated. The new implementation includes:

:warning: Breaking Changes :warning: :

  • The most noticeable is that tests will be synced to problem spec and that other data like instructions will also be.
  • We are also formatting all files, this is a part of the generator having its formatter and us formatting other files.
  • Most exercises have also received stub files to make them easier to get started with.
  • Some exercises have received changes in their paradigm, this mostly involves simpler exercises, being purely functional, to show Swift being a multiparadigm language, but also to make them easier to start with.
  • Test Driven development, we have implemented so on local machines will only the first test run when first running, this was discussed here.

Currently, 62 (30 were added this month), these were the ones added this month:

  • Protein translation
  • Rna transcription
  • Gigasecond
  • Pythagorean-triplet
  • custom-set
  • clock
  • rotational-cipher
  • Run Length Encoding
  • Say
  • Scrabble score
  • Secret Handshake
  • Two Fer
  • Series
  • Sieve
  • Sum Of Multiples
  • Proverb
  • Word Count
  • Transpose
  • Triangle
  • Grade School
  • CircularBuffer
  • House
  • KindergartenGarden
  • Tournament
  • Twelve-days
  • Wordy
  • Pascals Triangle
  • Robot Simulator
  • Sublist


  • The generator received some new plugins to be able to template more exercises.
  • The generator was upgraded to support 3 indents in the JSON file.