Swift Track Update for June 2023!

Swift blog post 2023/6/30

Earlier this month the first Swift operation took place dubbed operation Halland which vent along the WWDC 23 event.

Operation Halland

Earlier this month was a brand new test runner introduced which was rewritten from the ground up to feature new technologies and bring compatibility to the latest Swift version.
With this update, the test runner received increased stability together with some new features.
You can read more here: Operation Halland.


This month also included multiple fixes to different concepts examples and text.

What is coming?

Test runner

The test runner has received one post-launch patch, which fixed the most major issues. There is currently another patch ready to fix 2 smaller issues that have been found.


As detailed in a blog post posted earlier this month, the idea is to rework quite a bit of the Swift syllabus to make it more intuitive. This body of work will take some time, but will bring the Swift syllabus standard up and make it possible for further expansion.

The new Test runner received support for task id which this syllabus remake will make able to utilize.

Practice exercises

There is currently a pr on the repo which includes removing some of the older syntax, there will later also come updates to the current exercises to make sure they are working and up to problem spec.

There will also be the addition of adding skip tags to practice exercises. This is to make it a more intuitive experience to test on the track.


Some docs have got a touch-up and some have received a complete overhaul. This is to make them more info and be more up-to-date with the current state of Swift.