Syllabus tree missing branch

The Crystal syllabus tree misses a branch from bools to classes:

The config.json should be setup correclty.

I had the same thing for c++. It should still be working as intended. If you haven’t done bools, classes will be unavailable with a hint that you need to finish bools.

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(cc @ErikSchierboom to take a look. Is the data in the db wrong (ie a syncing issue)? Or is the rendering wrong (ie a @neenjaw issue :wink:)?)

paths are only drawn from the layer previous to the layer after. If there is a dependency two levels up, it is culled. Was originally done to:
a) reduce clutter on the screen
b) reduce the amount of reasoning needed for maintainers to manage all of the paths and create a more consistent diagram

In the world of cruel JIRA ticket flags, this is an As Designed :P