Synchronizing the Haskell track with problem-specifications

I’m looking into (re)synchronizing the Haskell track with problem-specifications. A number of test cases have been noticeably missing, as have been documentation updates. Also, properly resynchronizing the test cases might help future maintenance.

At present configlet sync reports 60 exercises (13 docs, 23 metadata, 43 tests) as being out of sync. Resynchronizing the docs & metadata seems straightforward enough:

However, (re)synchronizing test cases is more complicated.

@ErikSchierboom (as you seem to be the de facto maintainer): are resync PRs welcome? If so, do you have any thoughts about how to go about syncing the tests?

Some exercises do not have a tests.toml at all, some have incomplete tests.toml but complete tests, some nominally cover all cases but use different data, …

It might be more wise to first devise a way of automatically generating test scripts, but I’m not sure I’m up for that right now.

I think I’d just sync the docs and metadata for now, as syncing the data seems like a whole bunch of work.