Syntax highlighting

There are a few tracks that don’t have highlight.js syntax highlighting. I’m thinking about writing one for jq. It looks like a large-ish undertaking but what I’m most hesitant about is owning it. I wonder if this is something that could be placed under the exercism organization. Thoughts?

Secondly, I notice that for some languages, in a community solution there’s no highlighting for the person’s code but the previews of other solutions are highlighted. An example. How is that happening?

Great! @ajoshguy is the maintainer of highlightjs and generally pretty available to answer questions / be a nice, helpful person.

Yep. Happy for this.

Definitely a bug.

@dem4ron @ErikSchierboom Take a look pls.

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Thanks for noticing this!

It seems ClojureScript doesn’t have a Highlightjs package.

On a solution-snippet-preview you will see a Clojure (among others) highlighting, because Highlightjs tries to detect the language if it is not provided as a language-[language] class name format (in our case), and there the format isn’t correct. This must be fixed.
If you scroll through the Community Solutions list, you will see a lot of wrong guesses (e.g. applescript, hy, dsconfig, cobol).

But on the solution itself the class name format is correct, so it won’t start guessing which language it needs to format, but can’t find the desired language-pack, because it doesn’t support ClojureScript.

@ErikSchierboom I’d recommend changing this field to clojure, as it seemed to be a good solution for CodeMirror too.

I’ll happily take PRs :)