Task no.6 in high-score-board tests using functions as object props, but has this been covered?

Ref: High Score Board in JavaScript on Exercism

the first 5 tasks seem cohesive and covers the ideas mentioned in the Object Intro. However, the 6th task seems to be a bit standing out as introduces a different object structure than the scoreBoard which has been used above.

Moreover, the 6th task expects to just call the passed-in function reference inside the object - I did not see any reference to this in the tutorial nor was higher-order function introduced so far in the syllabus.

Have I missed any of the materials?

I am an experienced programmer. I am trying out Exercism with a set of freshers to train them to gain both depth in various JS features through these exercises and breadth in problem-solving approaches by looking at the variety of community solutions.

I agree that it’s not a good question to ask here, as functions and callbacks etc. come later.

We’ll figure out a way to remove this task from the exercise.

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Hi Derk,

This might be a good place to move that task as higher order functions are introduced here…
Functions in JavaScript on Exercism