Test timeout on Rust track using the num_enum crate

I’m working on a solution for Book Store. Locally, the tests finish in well under a second, but in the online editor, the tests time out. Unfortunately, I cannot see which test fails.

I’ve asked for mentoring on this and the mentor reassured me that the solution is fast enough and suggested that the timeout may be related to using an external dependency. My first solution used the num_enum crate. Replacing that with int-enum did not solve the problem. The same solution without an external crate passes all the tests.

Is there any way to debug this issue?

I’m the mentor OP mentioned - this also times out Hello World if I add this to Cargo.toml:

num_enum = "*"

I have suffered the same problem on another exercise.

A quick docs search did not reveal anything to me. My best guess is that compilation duration is included in the test duration, and I hope it can be separated.