Text search through mentoring sessions

Sometimes when I try to explain something to a student, I remember that I have explained it well before in a previous session. However, I have likely forgotten when and to whom, and I have had hundreds of sessions. It would be nice if I could search for phrases through all my mentoring sessions.

The Scratch Pad is a good place on the platform for this, but without the “search” sometimes I forget which exercise that information is stored at.

(Also, as an aside, it seems to be working “strangely” last time I looked. Clicking save keeps the editor window (text area) open, rather than rendering it for reading, and perhaps a few other strangeness’s)

Any time I find myself delivering an explanation I haven’t given before, I put it at the bottom of my mentor notes for that exercise, or, if it’s something general, I put it in its own note. That’s been really helpful for something that comes up only once in a while.

I wish we could search solutions by phrase. There are some exercises for which I’d like to search solutions by a particular idiom, to see if that idiom was used and how. I want to say that idea was liked, but it hasn’t been a priority to implement it.

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