The #12in23 Challenge!

I hope I won’t have to wait till the end of the year for the badge.


If I understood it correctly, you would have to do some exercises in February to get the Functional Badge.

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Your next challenge: go beyond 5 exercises to really get a handle on those languages.


Since it sounds like there’s a new badge each month, I have a question. I’ve currently completed 5 of the 12 languages. Will I be able to do more than the 12 in order to get a badge each month? Or have I messed up by trying a few languages in January?

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You get the badge for doing the featured languages in the featured month, so to get the Functional February badge you need to do 5 exercises in functional languagess during Feb.

So to answer your specific question, you’ll need to do 5 more exercises during Feb for the badge, but you can choose the same languages you’ve already tried in January, as long as they’re in our functional list. But hopefully that’s a fun task not a painful one! :slight_smile:

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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I guess what I mean would be if the languages I’ve already done end up not counting for whatever the categories are in the future, will there be any way to complete the requirements? I am hoping I haven’t made it impossible to complete some of the future challenges.

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As long as you are not in a situation where you have completed all exercises out of 0-4 for every language in a category so you are fine.

You can find a list here for all the categories: 12in23 - Google Sheets

And I am pretty sure you can have more than 12 languages, you have completed 5 exercises in under a year and still get monthly badges.

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As Meatball says. e.g. You could already have done 5 exercises in all 66 languages in January, but as long as you do 5 more in a language from each category moving in that month, you’ll still get all the badges.

If you’ve actually completed all exercises in all languages already, I’ll make you your very own one-off badge!! :grin:


I’ve definitely not completed all language tracks. But it’s good to know it will work for the badges. Will the 12 in 23 dashboard show more than 12 languages if I end up doing that?

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My dashboard is currently showing 15 languages (8 complete, 7 incomplete), so unless it for some odd reason collapses when you complete 12, you should be fine.

I did wonder if there should be a #23in23 follow-up challenge at some point this year, as that seems to be what I’m drifting towards in a chaotic, unfocussed way. I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

More seriously, there may be a growing demand for something beyond #12in23 as more people complete it. The monthly challenges like Functional February go a long way towards this, but there are also the usual answers to the “what next?” question.

  • Pick a few languages you like and explore them in more depth: do more exercises, build an app outside Exercism, do mentoring, contribute to building the track…
  • If badges really motivate people (they seem to!), add a broader challenge (like #23in23) or a deeper challenge (#10of12in23?) with more exercises per track. If you want to make it a bit easier, score it like reputation points where meduim/hard exercises count extra.

Or, of course, hope for nice weather and get out more (I should).

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Good idea. Maybe a legendary badge for completing the track in the calendar month if is has more than, say, 50 exercises.


Wow! Well done! But please try Elixir. It is just so freaking beautiful!

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@SoldierCoder We’ve got an interview and AMA with Jose Valim (creator of Elixir!) lined up…get it in the diary!

Information is all here - Live interview and AMA with José Valim - Creator of Elixir

— Undeserved Badge —

Dear Jonathan, I’m having a ball with this #12in23 challenge. It’s loads of fun and is bringing me to new languages I wouldn’t otherwise look into!

Unfortunately there may be a bug in the badge counting system. It seems that I’ve been awarded an undeserved badge for I still have only 4 exercises completed in Elixir and I already received a #12in23 Participant badge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d very much like to earn this badge and I will, but maybe there is something to be amended in the website code.

Most entusiastically,

P.S. - Check image:

Hey @EGORIDI, thanks for posting and a warm welcome to you!

It’s really great to hear that you’re having a good time with the #12in23 challenge and I must commend you on your desire to legitimately earn the badge!

I’ve copied in @ErikSchierboom who might be able to take a quick look at the badge counting setup and make sure the accolades are handed out correctly :wink:

Again, glad you’re enjoying it make sure you put this in your diary

It’s been a blast! Thank you all for providing this experience to us!

And, have no doubts, that badge is MINE !!! :grin: But not yet…

Regarding the diary… I’m still making courage for that, but thanks!

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Is there an issue # already? I’d like to add my +1. I’ve got my Functional February badge already, but I’ve submitted only 3 functional-lang exercises this month so far… and two of them were Hello Worlds! (Elm, OCaml)

@ErikSchierboom is checking this.

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Award people an honesty badge for reporting an unearned badge :slight_smile:


How about one for completing 50 exercises in one track during a given month? And possibly one for completing a track (any track?) in a given month?

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