Live interview and AMA with José Valim - Creator of Elixir

This Thursday (Feb 9th) at 16.30pm UTC, I’ll be chatting to José Valim, the Creator of Elixir, to discuss Elixir, why he made it functional, its evolution, and its future. It’s going to be a really fun session! :slight_smile:

It’ll be live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch and you can set a reminder here:

Please help us spread the word by sharing this tweet:

If you have a question you’d like answering, please add it to this thread. I’m going going to prioritise questions from Elixir contributors and mentors and then from the wider contributor/mentor/donor base, but if your question is intriguing enough, I may well ask it! :slight_smile:


This is amazing, I recently started learning Elixir, so this interview could not be at a better time than this.
Thank you Exercism crew, and also to Jose Valim!


Amazing and what a coincidence! Few days ago on the Elixir forum, I have made a post about my github repository of my solutions where I shared how Exercism and Elixir are awesome and how they taught me new things.

In summary, I started learning Elixir thanks to Exercism which gave me the chance to try the language with few challenges. After that, I have decided to I learn Elixir seriously with different resources. I came back later to Exercism, but this time to tackle all available challenges of the Elixir track. While doing this, I learned new concepts and did my first OSS contributions. Now I am a mentor on the Elixir track.

Thank you Exercism and José Valim!


When you say “here” do you mean here on the forums with a bookmark on this Discourse instance, or on YouTube or Twitch, or the following video link (that is not working at the time of this writing)?

Or is there a missing link at the “set a reminder here” text?

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I mean on YouTube which is the next link after that text, and which renders as a link containing an image in Discourse.

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@aifrak Hello, :grinning: in your reply you said:

Which resources do you think is good / useful for a newbie Elixir enthusiast?
I would appreciate your insights on this…

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Obviously the Exercism track is the best place to start! And then our resources page has a few good things listed: Useful Elixir resources | Exercism's Docs

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Exercism since v3 is a very good starting point thanks to the syllabus:

  • short explanations
  • examples
  • links to other resources to learn more
  • community solutions. This point is the most important because I could learn much from other solutions. It always worth to take more time checking some of them.

But you can also check those following resources:

I also recommend to visit the different Elixir channels if you just want to have a look, searching for other resources or have some questions:


Thanks. The portion that was not working at the time (broken or just internet broken (perhaps only for me) was what I intuitively tried to get to, but did not work.

And too late for me to add it to “the diary” as mentioned in a conversation that leads here, since it happened today. Sorry, if I was meant to.

I did not know that YouTube even had a calendar mechanism, been a few years since I have used it.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.


Yes :grinning:

My mistake…of course I meant to say ‘Besides exercism’s track…’

And I really mean that, you and all the other people behind Exercism are making a serious difference in my(and I’m sure for a lot of others) journey of learning programming.

Really enjoyed the interview with Jose Valim yesterday!
His enthusiasm ignited my own :smile:

So long story short, thank you for Exercism!


And thank you for saying that! :blue_heart:

This was a very well-paced and insightful interview. Thank you for doing this. :slight_smile: