The #12in23 Challenge!

You’re very welcome! There’s multiple command line tools that have a whole Turing complete language. sed and awk come to mind.

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I think iHiD mentioned it should all be based off your local timezone.

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When I deploy everything :joy:

Feb was around noon UTC on the 1st. March will either be midnight UK time tonight (so like roughly 10 hours from now) or the morning if I’m not still working at midnight! :slight_smile:


/react “coffee emoji”
/react “winking face”
/react “blue heart”

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Sad face. Being in PST, I guess I missed this, having completed my last two at 5:30pm my time. Oh well.

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I’m sure @ErikSchierboom would manually award it for you :slight_smile:

(But we generally go by DB time for badges, which is UTC)

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That’s a great idea to motivate me to keep learning a new language. I can’t wait to accept it.:laughing:


Hi, everyone! I have just finished the fifth Elixir exercise to discover that the badges are given in UTC and I am in BRT :smiling_face_with_tear: A bit sad, but I enjoyed the experience. Great challenge! #12in23

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Seems like I have to add a linked-list exercise to the C++ track. Would be a shame if you can’t solve the mighty 5 in it.


Nice! Thanks!

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Maybe it would be a good thing to relax the deadline to include more time zones?

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Perhaps start at the earliest and end at the latest? There would be some potential overlap, but it would cover the time zones.

Does that mean we will soon have a sed Track??

Ugh, not by my hands. Personal opinion: sed is vastly inferior to awk.

It is Turing complete, though! (But I’m not either interested in volunteering for a sed track in any way.)

Interesting that the wikipedia sed entry links to Turing tarpit.

On the other hand, I would encourage someone to build a sed track.

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I’ve never heard that term before but I love that Turing Tarpit is a thing!

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Oliver Twist badge, “Please, sir, I want more.” for requesting another badge (unearned or not).

Or going beyond the 5 or somehow going beyond some goal.