The #12in23 Challenge!

Did you complete all 5 non-“Hello World” exercises in March 2023 though?

You need to solve and publish the five featured exercises.

I did, yesterday was still March and I solved and published 6 non-hello world problems
My screenshot shows that the 12in23 page recognizes I completed it, but I didn’t get the badge

What time was it in UTC when you published?

It was past midnight in utc, but I thought it counted my local time. @iHiD for visibility

I’m only just deploying the Analytical April stuff now :) Will back-propogate it shortly!

No, the featured exercises are for the year-long challenge, the exercises for the monthly theme badge do not need to be from the featured list.

got it, thanks!

To wrap up a hanging thread, the logic for the monthly badges will account for timezone offsets: published solutions will include (in UTC)

  • the current month
  • the last day of the previous month, and
  • the first day of the next month

Missed the May badge. Prolog was too different for me to learn on the fly and muddle my way through.


Would love us to have a learning track for Prolog one day!


I felt I cheated in May by doing Tcl, which didn’t seem anywhere near as mindshifting as Prolog.


Hi everyone!
I wanted to know how i could get all featured exercices for all passed month. like a list of them so i would work on them as the year is going?

You can find the following link above the list of your published exercises on 12in23 page:

It would be really cool to have a list of ones not done (maybe greyed out in the area on the 12in23 page where is says x/45 done). It’s quite hard to spot the gaps without maintaining a list.

That’s a nice idea. I’ll take a look at it.

This is a great feature! But, it helped me notice there’s something up with my count:

Despite not completing all the exercises (yet), I’m seeing 45/45 complete.

They have been made aware in another thread

Should be fixed now

Since I’m probably not going to finish the challenge before the end of the year, I have a question - what happens to the challenge after the year is over? And will there be a “participation ribbon” of some sort?