The definitive guide to learning jurassicy languages

A slightly oddly themed post, but post but let’s collect any great resources for learning Cobol, Fortran, VB, C or C++ here!

Also see this for C and C++: The definitive guide to learning systems languages - #5 by andrerfcsantos

Wow. I had … no idea whatsoever that there were so many COBOL resources out there. This is less a “recommended” from me, and more a to-do list of things I feel like I should explore:

and then there’s this “The New COBOL” (2019 PyConAU). Lovely walk through the history of programming languages, and the development of COBOL.


For Fortran there’s a community maintained webpage with learning resources, including a quickstart tutorial.

There’s also the Fortran Wiki with links to resources like language references, tutorials, videos, etc.

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Some may remember the usenet. There were various news groups organised in a tree starting with “comp.” and then down to “comp.lang.” and then specific languages and tools under that.

Google has preserved the resource and maintains them as a group of working communities.


Some groups are plagued with spam postings. Google doesn’t seem too interested in actively filtering out the rubbish.