The exercise "Strain" seems misplaced

The exercise “Strain” seems misplaced in the Array concept. It’s more about sequences wich would make a nice new concept btw. Upon completion it reports progress in the concept “Higher order functions” which isn’t visible on the page with all the F# concepts.

The concepts are not yet fully implemented, which is why you see the odd mention of the “Higher order functions” concept.

As for the arrays thing, are you referring to the fact that the tests all use arrays? If so, that is easy to fix with a PR, if you’re interested in doing that?

What I meant is that this exercise isn’t specifically about arrays. Even the instructions speak about collections. So it would perfectly fit into a hopefully coming concept “sequences”. No bigy. Exercism is amazing.

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Yeah I understand. What I was proposing was to change the test suite to work with arrays, lists and sequences to make it clear that you don’t have to just work with arrays.

Oh, the test suite already does that :)