The man inside the hat? (Little Sister's Essay)

The Little Sister’s Essay exercise has a multilingual example, which, I will admit, made me very happy.

In Thai it is missing a letter here:

Further down in the file, the letter is where it should be:

I’d be happy to submit a fix for this. (Or if it’s faster for you to just do it, I’m also happy to refrain)

That said… while I’m in there… :-)

Is the intended meaning The man who is inside the hat? or The man who is wearing a hat?

The English is ambiguous, but without context I would automatically assume that it means The man who is wearing a hat. The Thai phrase ผู้ชายในหมวก, however, means The man who is inside the hat. If you want to talk about a man wearing a hat, then either ผู้ชายใส่หมวก or ผู้ชายสวมหมวก would work.

Please submit a PR updating it all to make it more correct :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thank you. I’ve opened a PR.

I was just notified that my original topic here was flagged as spam by the community. Would someone please help me understand what I did wrong?

You did nothing wrong. Someone may have accidentally clicked the wrong link or something. I’m sure @iHiD can resolve that for you!

But … would you mind linking to the PR?

I’ve already re-opened it and am merging it now that the CI has cleared.

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I tried linking the PR and was given an error message saying that I couldn’t link to that host.

Thanks, everyone, for helping me sort this out.

@iHiD Is there a way to allow list URLs?

New users are limited to posting a certain amount of links when they join the forum. That limit was breached (legitimately) and so the post got auto-tagged as spam etc :slight_smile:

@MangoSeed You did nothing wrong - don’t worry :slight_smile:

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