The numbers in "Impact" does not share the same formatting

In Exercism's Impact Report the numbers do not share the same formatting. It would be great to have more consistency:


It looks like this is done in

I鈥檓 not really familiar with this React-In-Haml / Ruby so I do not really know how to fix this quickly, if anyone can tackel this that could be great.

It looks right for me. The first two are JS, so maybe that鈥檚 either not running or erroring. Do you have any JS errors?

To confirm, it even works in w3m terminal browser:


It鈥檚 a typical localization problem. JS uses the browsers locale for the numbers, while the last one is hard-coded. This is the formatting for de:

Just pushed 馃悰 Fix number localization for "mentoring discussions" by homersimpsons 路 Pull Request #6658 路 exercism/website 路 GitHub