The official list of Exercism badges

This is the official list of Exercism badges. We’ll update this post as new badges are added. There are two lists - the main list is split into sections and ordered alphabetically. Below this, a chronological changelog is provided (for badges added after 26th Jan 2023) so you can keep an eye out for new ones to add.

Contributing Badges

  • Contributor: Contributed to Exercism. You will get this if you awarded reputation in any of the building, maintaining, mentoring or authoring categories.
  • Mentor: Mentored 10 students
  • Supermentor: Mentored 100 students on a track
  • Supporter: Donated to Exercism, helping fund free education. If you donated (especially via a source other than credit/debit card on the website) and haven’t been awarded this, please contact @jonathanmiddleton.

General Usage Badges

  • All Your Base: Completed the “All Your Base” exercise in any language.
  • Anybody There: Completed “Hello, World!” in five languages
  • Chatterbox: Joined Exercism’s Discord server and linked your accounts in the Integration Settings
  • Completer: Completed all exercises in a track. This badge does not get taken away if more exercises are added.
  • Conceptual: Completed all learning exercises in a track. This badge does not get taken away if more exercises are added.
  • Discourser: Joined this forum.
  • Die Unendliche Geschichte: Submitted 10 iterations to the same exercise
  • Growth Mindset: Iterated a solution while working with a mentor
  • Lackadaisical: Completed the “Bob” exercise in five languages
  • Member: Joined Exercism (everyone has this)
  • Rookie: Submitted an exercise
  • Whatever: Completed the “Bob” exercise

Time-based Usage Badges

  • Functional February: Completed five exercises during February in one of Elixir, Erlang, F#, Haskell, OCaml, Scala, StandardML, or Gleam.
  • Mechanical March: Completed five exercises during March in one of C, C++, D, Go, Nim, Rust, V or Zig.
  • New Years Resolution: Submitted an iteration on January 1st

Historic Badges

You either have them, or you don’t!

  • v1: Joined Exercism before July 13th 2018
  • v2: Joined Exercism before September 1st 2021
  • Researcher: Helped develop Exercism Research
  • Tooling Pioneer: Developed early prototypes of tooling for Exercism
  • v3 Pioneer: Contributed to the development of Exercism v3

Manually awarded badges

These badges are manually awarded and based on people requesting them. Please contact @jonathanmiddleton if you think you should be awarded them.

  • Architect: Designed a track syllabus
  • Bard: Created an exercise story
  • Begetter: Significantly contributed to a Track before launch
  • Troubleshooter: Helped troubleshoot issues
  • Moss: Provided support to new users


  • Added Functional February (Jan 26th 2023)
  • Added Mechanical March (March 1st 2023)
  • Added Discourser (March 29th 2023)
  • Added Chatterbox (March 29th 2023)

isnt moss a manually awarded badge?

[Admin note]: Updated. Thanks!