This is NOT Exercism Support but rather Support for Exercism

So I have 2 things to say. 1) One of the things that makes Exercism so fantastic is that you have sort of open-sourced exercises, learning, and feedback. Well done! But now I see videos that talk about how much $$ you need to keep this all going and growing and I know you have someone working on that, but here is my question to you: Why haven’t you sort of crowd-sourced brain-stormed Fund Raising ideas? I’ll start with an idea. As a veteran of the US Army, I will tell you all branches of the US Military spend a lot of money on helping service-members achieve their educational goals. I would argue that the ability to write and understand code is kind of crucial to most militaries around the world. Are we above asking those militaries (who benefit from having service members who are becoming code-literate) for $$ to support Exercism? Why don’t we ask???

We’ve asked lots of people but found very few companies that want to actually put money into things. That’s often because we don’t have warm intros. Contacting a company and asking for support tends to lead to your email not getting replied to. So warm leads to people in positions of power are key :slight_smile: