Thoughts on making CLI installation smoother for a new Windows user


I’m a rookie who completed their first Hello World exercise a couple of days ago using the CLI tool.

This is just feedback - not a request for help and it is a trivially minor issue.

Although I was able to install the CLI successfully the process was slightly rougher than it needed to be. This is the path I followed: I used the cli-walkthrough and chose Windows with the automated installer. The next step sent me to the GitHub release page which says to run “exercism configure” after installing, which I did. But without a token that failed with an error message pointing to "". That page didn’t have the token but from there it was easy to find the correct address “”. Once configuration was finished I went back to the site and after clicking ‘Yes’ I got the up to date configuration instructions I should have used in the first place.

Here are few random ideas that might have made things even easier.

  1. The initial walk-through page linking to GitHub might say “Use the link below to download … and verify you can run ‘exercism version’”. This might reduce premature attempts to configure.
  2. Perhaps if the Yes button were labelled “Next” or “Next - Configure” and if it were to the right of the “No” button I might have realised it was the next step of the walk-through. I thought it was just site feedback along the lines of “Was the page useful?”
  3. The installer release page on GitHub could link back to the current walk-through instructions on the site.
  4. The exercism cli error could point to the current token url “…/settings/api_cli” instead of “…/my/settings”.

On the other hand the it might just be me :slight_smile: