To get the Functional February badge, Is it "submitted" or "solved and published"?

challenges solved and published, not just solved.

I believe the wording on the website is actually correct:

  • The #12in23 challenge is actually to submit iterations for 5 exercises.
  • But to get the badges each month you need to complete and publish 5 exercises in those languages.

There’s pros and cons to both things, but mainly I wanted the badge not to be too easy to get and publishing is a little more active activity. I would love to change the first one to published as well, but that might mean that people who have completed languages suddenly see those languages uncompleted and I’m not sure I want to do that to people. So at the moment there’s a bit of a discrepancy that I get is confusing!

Happy to discuss this, but that’s the context that leads us to the current situation.

(The website text might also be wrong in terms of the above, in which case a screenshot would be appreciated and we can fix it!)

Is it? I have to expressly click «please don’t publish this» every time I complete an exercise. Publishing everything would save me effort.

But I did at least 5 in elixir since it was announced, and saw the picture that was published of someone having been awarded the badge already (in January) do I have to do 5 more? I mean, yeah I WILL do 5 more but it would have been nice to start February with the win.

So I am confused, do we have to publish 5 or not?

If you did them today, and you’ve not got the badge, then that’s probably a bug! If you did functional exercises in January, you don’t get the Functional February badge for them :wink:

You should have got the “#12in23 Participant” badge for the work you did in January though. And actually, this week we’ll add a “January [something funny]” badge for people who completed things in Jan. I should have thought of that.

That was probably a screenshot of my local machine in development. We only finished and deployed the code for this an hour or so ago. Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

To get the Functional February badge, you can to publish 5 exercises in a selected functional language during February.

The dashboard says you’ll earn the badge by «completing and publishing 5 exercises». Does this mean (completing and publishing) 5 exercises or rather (completing 5) and (publishing 5) exercises?

They can be the same 5 exercises.

That I was sure of already. But now I gather that they might be different ones as well :+1:

You can’t publish without completing, and you need to publish 5. You could publish exercises you’ve previously completed and that would count.

Would it be to much for my over achiever self to suggest a super badge for solving the 5 functional problems in all 9 suggested languages?

If you get can 9 others to commit to the same thing, I’ll add a badge for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe start a new thread to hope people see it and ask friends to post there too?

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I would do that, but currently, I try to have my #12in23 dashboard clean, so I can have a new “active square” every month to see my progress. If I did 8 other functional languages, that would “spam” most of my board and therefore progress for the next 10 months. If anyone can follow my feelings :smiley:

No big deal – I got mine yesterday :)


Love this :)

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Honestly, when I solve these exercises, and get mentoring that helps me write even nicer code, I feel joy! And that really IS a big deal!


I feel the same as a mentor. When the students come up with those clean refactored code after just a little hint, that is really satisfying to see.