Tooltip on link to Approach is wrong

Apparently links to Approaches are recognized as links to exercises:

tooltip on the link to the String approach to Bob

(source: Dig Deeper into Bob in Haskell on Exercism)

This is not documented in Internal Linking | Exercism's Docs, but it also looks like a bug.

I like the idea of tooltips for Approaches (overviews + approaches + articles) though. Could we have these as well? :innocent:

@ErikSchierboom Could you look at this pls, from both the perspectives of a bug (where immediate work would be good) and a feature request (where you can judge your desire to implement it as a priorty :slight_smile:)

PR to fix the issue is up: Don't render exercise widget for approach link by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5341 · exercism/website · GitHub