Track for "Meta Lang"?

Meta Lang

New Meta Lang needs a track so we can all learn APEs

Tracks are built and maintained by volunteers. We love new tracks! Would you like to build and maintain a Meta Lang track?

Yes would be awesome!

You may want to familiarize yourself with these Exercism docs:

I believe the first step would be to build a proof-of-concept Hello World solution and test suite for it.

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Alright. Lets see how long it takes me to do this.

Perhaps the language is too infant for such requirements at the moment. I will continue to be inspired and work towards getting this language known to others. Exceptional piece of engineering here to be honest.

In fact for this to work the exercise path must be made completely from scratch in the Meta language for it would be the only way to show simplicity. The process you have here at this web site is extremely complex. Not complicated. I can do it but its a complex feat without a doubt. I am capable of doing this but thats not the point. Its the complex process in place at the heart of even trying to get this msg out here to yall. I am not even sure if anyone would understand what I am even saying. Until next time folks! Take care!

It seems very complex, that is for sure.

All you have to do to start out is to write a meta lang code snippet, that returns “Hello, World!” an a way that can be tested. If that language supports functions, that might be the return value. Or some memory location, that keeps that information. Or printing if that is what is needed.

In the next step you would have to build something, that can check the correctness of the user code. This has to be transferred to a container and you are “almost” done with the initial setup.

If you have any questions while doing that, do not hesitate to ask. We have a real hodgepodge of different languages, with very different challenges on their own. People here are happy to help.

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The Red track for Exercism is another REBOL-inspired language, and that track implemented its own unit testing library. That might help give you some ideas on how to proceed.

Arturo doesn’t have an Exercism track, but it’s another REBOL-inspired language I follow. They implemented an unit testing package at GitHub - RickBarretto/unitt: Unitt is a basic unit-test tool for the Arturo Programming language..