Track maintainers can try out WIP exercises in the editor

We’ve just merged a PR that allows track maintainers to try out WIP exercises in the online editor.

To be recognized as a track maintainer, one needs to both:

  1. Have the maintainer role (we manage this manually on a per-user basis)
  2. Be part of the track’s GitHub team (also managed manually on a per-user basis)

N.B. a WIP exercise is one where its "status" property is set to "wip" in its track config.json entry
N.B.B. using the CLI might work, but I’ve not tested that scenario


Thank you so much for this, @ErikSchierboom!

I thought the [Work in Progress] tag was a really nice touch:

And I love being able to see the track tree as it will be once we get these exercises over the finish line:


@ErikSchierboom Can I use this to enable all of the Ballerina track exercises for a final review before going live?

You don’t need to, as maintainers can already see beta/active exercises for a track:

Ok, I still see a 404 for that page. Do I need to make a PR that sets the track to active:

No please don’t! We’re not yet ready to launch I think.

Could you try again?

Works now thank you!!