Track overview page does not update for 100% completion

My Python track overview page says,

You’re 100% through the Python track. Keep it up! :rocket:

I just realized that … the message seems to be encouraging me to keep working my way through the track even though there are no more exercises to work on. Should that message change at 100%?

I have not 100%'d anything, but ima drop my opinion anyways

Could imply the same thing but be more specific about exploring more things on exercism.

Definitely Keep it up! :rocket: but maybe imply starting anothe track, helping mentor, contributing, or even going back and improving the completed track.

Good suggestion!

Yeah, we should improve this. The intention was to have different messages throughout your progress. I think there was some code for this but that I never wrote out the messages. @dem4ron Maybe you could confirm? I’ll happily write 11 messages for the 11 different percentages (<10,<20, <100, 100) if you want to put a PR together with the logic in place? :slight_smile:

Hi, this is improved in this PR:


It has always been one of my gripes too :)