Trouble seeing text cursor in dark mode

I prefer dark mode and at various times it can be difficult to see where the text cursor is.

In one scenario, the text cursor is next to a bracket which is highlighted along with its pairing bracket, when the cursor is next to this highlighted character, it becomes nearly invisible. I’ve added a gif to illustrate.


Besides all of the other reasons not to use the on-platform editor, this
is one nice suggestion.

I will sometimes use it when I have a “flow of information”, but will
most likely use my own editor regardless of the platform (any platform)
offering me their online editor because “my editor is the one I am
comfortable with”. But that does not mean that I disagree with having
nice things in the Exercism editor.

So the easiest “fix” until the editor becomes the one you love, may be
to use your own editor and paste the results in once you are done

Thanks. We’ll take a look and see what we can do :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting. Do you find this easier to see? (see comment on PR)

That is much better with the orange cursor!

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