Troubles with username & email address

I decided I wanted to reset everything (forget/lose all progress on everything) on my account. As such, I wanted to reset & such, but seeing as my account was pinned to my GitHub account, I didn’t know what password was associated with the account. I hadn’t yet found the solution to use my github email address and then file the forgotten password request… so … I eventually ended up creating a new account, but even though I went through the “DELETE ACCOUNT” feature of the website, I think it’s still tracking somewhere, because every attempt to reset my username & email address on my new account to match the values I’d been using previously get a (paraphrased) “I can’t do that Dave” response from the system.

Can somebody help me get my situation straightened out?


Email me and Erik ( and with as many details as you can and we’ll work it out for you! :slight_smile: