Trying to submit exercise

I’m trying to submit my first exercise but the command prompt is telling me “Error: not in workspace”. However, the file is in fact located in the correct path. I think a quick fix is changing the workspace directory. Any solutions on how I accomplish this?

How did you create the file? The workflow is:

  1. exercism download --track=something --exercise=otherthing
  2. cd $workspace/something/otherthing
  3. Work on the exercise. Run tests. Pass tests.
  4. exercism upload from the directory, $workspace/something/otherthing


  • What directory are you in?
  • How was the directory created?
  • What are all the files in the current directory?

with the exercism configure command.

exercism configure -w /path/to/your/wanted/workspace

exercism configure with no options displays the current configuration.

Well, that sort of helps. The issue is that the name of the user file in the C:\Users isn’t the same as what’s being reflected in the Command Prompt. I don’t know why or how this happened upon initial startup but it did. So, when I try to submit the exercise it’s telling me that the path isn’t available. Of course it’s not because the name of the user folder is different. So, How do I change the name of the user folder? Currently, it’s set to ‘BBH Admin’. The issue that I’m running into with this inside the command prompt is the space. I need to change the folder name to KyleV. Obviously, I can’t change the name through the conventional right-click and rename method. Is there a work around to this?

@IsaacG … I hear you but it’s not that simple using the CLI. I’m using Delphi 11 CE and using the standard Command Prompt. The directory I’m in is C:\Users\KyleV\Exercism\delphi\hello-world…
HOWEVER, when you navigate to this path the name KyleV is not what appears. BBH Admin is what appears.

Is your laptop managed by your company?

I’d try moving the workspace outside of C:\Users, to something like C:\Exercism

I am my company. I changed to name for fomality. I didn’t know that a SOP for Windows 11 was to name the user folder 5 letters on its own. I can’t move it or change it…

Well, I’m still having issues trying to submit this exercise. I’m using the following path C:\Users\Kyle\Exercism\delphi

This is the Command Prompt syntax that I’m getting…
‘exercism’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

That means your OS cannot locate the exercism command. None of the directories in your % PATH% contain an exercism command. You can update the PATH or provide the complete path to the exercism command.