Twitch streams are being deleted?

Noticed that the stream I did for Functional February was no longer available.

Is this by design? I was expecting this to be up…until the end of the internet basically. Is there a technical reason for this? Or does Exercism want these to be more ephemeral?

For me, as a first time streamer, it would be nice to keep these up.

It’s a limitation Twitch places on non-partner accounts. It appears that the recording is intact on the Riverside site, so it can potentially be downloaded and uploaded to the Exercism community YouTube channel.

Ahh, ok that makes sense. Thank you.

Would it be a good idea for the Exercism team to decide whether or not these streams can have more longevity (within YouTube)?
Of course, this would need to be something other streamers would want as well.

Hey @aage thanks for your message.

Twitch actively remove livestreams after 14 days but we do have a full record of the livestream and will start uploading them to the Exercism Community Youtube Channel in the coming few weeks.

Hope that helps and would love you to do more livestreams!

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Great @jonathanmiddleton !

Was thinking about doing another stream, thank you for the encouragement! I’ll keep you posted.

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I also already backed them up to YouTube before they disappeared in preparation for this (but didn’t communicate to @jonathanmiddleton that I’d done that)! So it should be a 5-min job to get it live on YouTube for Jonathan now - I’ve just sent him details :slight_smile:


@aage Yeah - I think @jonathanmiddleton just needs to flick the switch on them to “Public”.

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Hey @aage - so all the streams from Twitch are going to be put on the Youtube community channel.

I’ve published your video here and have scheduled the rest to be released over the next couple of days.

We’d love you to do more if you were up for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it! Thank you so much.

Could you fix my last name though “ten Hagel” should be “ten Hengel” (-:

I want to do more… Been a bit occupied with other stuff lately, will look into it!

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@aage sorry about the name spelling! Have updated :smile: