TwoFer confusing instructions

The instructions suggest that there should be a way to give a name and indicate that the person doesn’t like cookies. The tests and completed solutions do not include this situation.

I think you’re misunderstanding the instructions. Could you show the part you understand says that please so we can look at it?

I definitely misunderstood, but I think it’s because the instructions were written poorly. I assumed we were being given our friend’s name and whether they liked cookies or not. “If your friend doesn’t like cookies, you give the cookie to the next person in line at the bakery. Since you don’t know their name, you will say you instead.” The logic about whether the friend likes cookies or not is happening outside of the TwoFer class/module, indicated by whether a name is passed to TwoFer or not. I assumed that all logic described in the instructions was my job to do. Since the class/module was initially empty, and the tests needed to be edited, more guidance in the instructions would have been helpful.

I’ve seen similar questions like this before, the general opinion is that the highest authority in an exercise is the test suite. Instructions can’t and won’t cover everything, so always refer to the test suite.

The idea that the class or module is empty is also a bit limited as this exercise is also solvable without either of those things being defined.

So leaving it open to exploration is a feature as well.

another example of cookies getting in the way of understanding: Discord