Typo in Card Games introduction

Morning all, I got sent here by a github bot when I opened a pull request for a one-word slip-up in the introduction to the Card Games exercise—The advice was to discuss issues on the forum before opening Pull Requests, which makes a lot of sense for major code changes. This, however, was just changing the words “just as like” to “just like”. Is the procedure the same for correcting typos?

Edit: I was also wondering how a post like this should be categorised. This defaulted to Programming/Clojure but I notice there’s a category Bugs & Feature Requests which I guess would be more appropriate?

The language specific category is better so the track maintainer can more easily see it. Do you have a link to your PR and/or details about what exactly the typo is?

Whoops, sorry. It’s PR #649 and the typo is in the very first sentence of the introduction, “In Clojure, lists are collections, just as like lists in other languages”.

On a slightly related note, am I right in thinking that if this text exists in this exercise, it might also have typos in the intros to other exercises that make reference to the lists concept? If so, how would I go about submitting PRs for those?

You won’t find any reference to lists in any other exercise. You’ll only see this introduction in this exercise.