Typo in concept of list

“Lisp which stands of LISt Processing” should be “Lisp which stands of LIST Processing”

created a pr

Maybe we should highlight the casing instead?

Lisp = LISt Processing

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Also, isn’t it “stands for” rather than “stands of”?

Yes, it should be “stands for”

Fairly sure LISP is an acronym for Lost In a Sea of Parentheses.

Joking aside, is there a convention perhaps for calling attention to the capital letters and showing those letters form LISP? Then again it seems pretty clear “LIS” comes from list and “P” from processing so perhaps this isn’t needed.

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Highlighting gives a clearer idea to newcomers like me.

Thank you. Did not notice that at all. I guess I am too dumb to understand it, or that lowercase ‘t’ between the uppercases was bothering me too much