Typo in exercise "Mario's Marvellous Lasagna"

In the instructions of the Elm exercise “Mario’s Marvellous Lasagna” there’s a small mistake:

In this exercise you’re going to write some code to help you cook a the lasagna from the new cooking book.

The " a " in “a the lasagna” should be removed.

That’s it, thanks for a really nice Syllabus! I’m having fun with it :slight_smile:

While this is awaiting resolution, does anyone else think that “cooking book” sounds oddly like a machine-assisted translation? (I’m thinking especially of a language where the infinitive can be used as a gerund, e.g., any neo-Latin language like Italian: libro del cuocere.) Why not simply say cookbook?

I would think that most artificial intelligence would opt for “cookbook” but I have heard many “English as Nth Language” speakers using “cooking book”. So I would have not presumed an AI or translator.

DerTree has fixed this now, and its merged.