Typo in the BlackJack test for Ruby

In the “test_first_turn_blackjack_with_nine_for_dealer” test of BlackJack problem for Ruby the “Blackjack.first_turn(“ace”, “king”, “none”)” method call should have “nine” as the third parameter instead of “none”

Good call, I will open a PR to fix it.

[Fix]: Typo in test case by meatball133 · Pull Request #1615 · exercism/ruby (github.com)

Was the PR that was opened, but not brought in. @vasya539 opened a PR but did not link according to the instructions in the PR, so Fix typo in BlackJack problem for Ruby by vmyts539 · Pull Request #1613 · exercism/ruby · GitHub was brought in, prior work, and yours was left out.

Thanks both, sorry the work had to get done twice!

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