Unable to complete "Configuring the CLI"

Hello I am trying to install exercism on a WSL 2 environment running Debian, I am stuck trying to complete the step described as “Configuring the CLI” on the online tutorial. This it the error:
segav@Ryder:~$ exercism configure --token=XXXXX
Error: The base API URL ‘https://api.exercism.io/v1’ cannot be reached.

Get “https://api.exercism.io/v1/ping”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
Please note that resetting the token did not work.

Kind regards,
Sergio GV

Can you visit https://api.exercism.io/v1 ? Do you get an error when doing so? It looks like you may have a cert issue. Double check your system time is correct.

Thanks for your response.
No I can not visit https://api.exercism.io/v1 , if I try I get a page with the following error:
{“error”:{“type”:“invalid_auth_token”,“message”:“The auth token provided is invalid”}}
It also seems like my system time is correct

That message suggests you can reach that endpoint and the cert is working. You’re just not sending auth headers which is expected. A less confusing question might’ve been to ask you to visit https://api.exercism.io/v1/ping in your browner.

If you can hit that endpoint in your browser but not with the Exercism CLI, that suggests the two are using different certificate authority stores. I have no idea how to troubleshoot that.

It seems like I can that endpoint since I get the following message: {“status”:{“website”:true,“database”:true}}
I appreciate your efforts : )

What does exercism troubleshoot show you?

Same problem here.
Since I’m a new member, I’ll break down some links in order to post.
Already got success accessing https: //api. exercism. io/v1/ping.
In my case, I get this after running exercism troubleshoot:

"Troubleshooting Information


Current: 3.2.0

Error: Get "https: //api. github. com/repos/exercism/cli/releases/latest": dial tcp: lookup api. github. com on server misbehaving

Call ‘exercism upgrade’ to get the latest version.
See the release notes at https: //github. com/exercism /cli/releases/tag/ for details.

Operating System

OS: linux
Architecture: amd64


Home: /home/lucas
Workspace: /home/lucas/exercism (default)
Config: /home/lucas/.config/exercism
API key:
Find your API key at https: // exercism. io/my/settings

API Reachability

* https: //api.github .com
* [Get "https: //api. github .com": dial tcp: lookup api. github .com on 127 .0.0.1: 53: server misbehaving]
* 893.112µs

* https: //api.exercism .io/v1/ping
* [Get "https: //api. exercism. io/v1/ping": dial tcp: lookup api. exercism .io on 127. 0.0.1: 53: server misbehaving]
* 805.138µs"

This means that your console/terminal cannot access GitHub or Exercism. The GitHub guard is there to say “it’s not a problem with Exercism, it’s a problem with your setup”.

I’d google “server-misbehaving” and see what that comes up with, or provide more details of your local setup and someone might have some insight :slight_smile: