Unable to Run Tests C# VisualStudio

Hello, I am unable to run the tests in visual studio and I do not understand why? Does anyone have experience with it? I used to run the tests in visual studio. It is a fresh installation. I open an old solution where I used to run tests, and now it is not running those tests.

Hi there. Do you have any more specifics about what means you’re unable to run them? Error messages, etc?

Hi, tests are not the problem, my problem is I am not experienced and don’t know what to do when I tell VS run all tests and no tests are run. Although I ran those tests many times before, using VS and the same command Ctrl +R, A in an older computer.

May be I am supposed to install a TestAdapter from Nuget packages.

I opened the old computer (VS 2022 Professional) and ran the tests and all of them ran. Do you know anything I can do to run the tests in the fresh VS 2022 Professional installation?

it seems I have the same packages in the new VS as in the old:

Hi. I don’t use Visual Studio, so have no idea, but this extra info should hopefully mean that someone who does can help out soon! :slight_smile:

I hope so too. There is a warning message:

The following test container was not found: '.....\exercism\csharp\variable-length-quantity\bin\Debug\net7.0\VariableLengthQuantity.dll'. This can be resolved by one or more of the following steps:
1. The test container does not exist on disk and the corresponding project might need to be built successfully.
2. For .NET Core based test projects, please ensure that a nuget package reference to "Microsoft.NET.Test.SDK" exists and that it uses the latest stable version.
3. For .NET based test projects, the project might be marked as a non-test project through an msbuild property, "IsTestProject". Please consider clearing it or set "<IsTestProject>true</IsTestProject>" in a "<PropertyGroup>" in the test project.
Building Test Projects
No tests found to run.

It works in one exercise now, out of a sudden, but in others tests still refuse to run from test explorer