Unable to subscribe to Premium


I’m unable to subscribe to Premium, the pricing selector doesn’t work and is fixed on “Annually”, I also see a javascript in the browser console which says;

application.tsx:405 Uncaught ReferenceError: PriceOption is not defined
    at premium-price-option (application.tsx:405:8)
    at GD (react-bootloader.jsx:139:18)
    at t (react-bootloader.jsx:68:5)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (react-bootloader.jsx:82:5)
    at Pi.__trace__ (inline-script-content.js:146:30)
    at _ (turbo.es2017-esm.js:315:34)
    at ut.notifyApplicationAfterPageLoad (turbo.es2017-esm.js:2729:16)
    at ut.pageBecameInteractive (turbo.es2017-esm.js:2666:14)
    at nt.pageIsInteractive (turbo.es2017-esm.js:2197:27)
    at nt.pageIsComplete (turbo.es2017-esm.js:2201:14)

I’m using Chrome on OSX.



Thank you for letting us know. I’m going to revert a PR that potentially caused this: Revert "Move more internal packages to be internal" by iHiD · Pull Request #5753 · exercism/website · GitHub

I’ll post back once it’s deployed.