Unable to use StatsBase in Julia online editor

I get an error LoadError: ArgumentError: Package ExercismTestReports does not have StatsBase in its dependencies when trying to use StatsBase in the Julia online editor.

There is an example in the Dig Deeper section that specifically uses StatsBase, so I assume the package should be available to the test runner?

Looks like the answer is no.

Thanks for the response glennj. Should I raise an issue in that repo to ask for the package to be added? It seems odd that the Dig Deeper section would call out the use of a package that can’t actually be used.

The approach appears to be written from the word-count mentoring notes four years ago so StatsBase may have been available then. It seems we could remove that section, add a note that the package isn’t currently available, or add StatsBase to the test runner if it’s necessary.

I weakly prefer adding the note because using StatsBase isn’t the focus of that approach and there’s value in highlighting that a student could locally take an exercise further if they want. Just don’t expect the test runner to be okay with it.

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