'Uncommon' languages are not syntax highlighted

On the forum, only a select number of languages seems to be syntax highlighted. Specifically, only languages listed as ‘common’ at the highlight.js demo seem to enjoy this privilege.

I checked Haskell, Elm, F#, Elixir, Scala, Clojure, Julia, MIPS, … – all these are not highlighted, whereas the likes of C#, Python, Bash, CSS, diff, … are.

Like exercism itself, highlight.js needs volunteers to create the libraries. Language contributor checklist — highlight.js 11.7.0 documentation

I’ve been meaning to do this for jq, but haven’t taken the time yet.

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For all languages I listed these libraries are available. See the All category in the demo.

We’re just using a default Discourse installation, so you’ll need to report this upstream to them I think.

Ah, I expected it to be a setting somewhere.

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I think each of the languages need to be installed as dependencies and compiled into whatever asset bundling they’re using so I imagine it’s not something they’d choose to widly support. (e.g. in our website’s package.json: website/package.json at main · exercism/website · GitHub)

Oh, I totally missed that. I was thinking “web editor”