Unexpected Behavior In Representor

Why is this solution marked as valid? I’m new to this, so I might be misunderstanding something - but 203 occurrences does mean passing solutions, right?

More generally, is there a resource for how the representers work? I’m seeing lots of similar solutions marked separately, and am little confused about how this works.

Edit: this should result in an infinite loop, right?

For the second screenshot, I don’t see why it would result in an infinite loop, the hello function is already finished with return statement. Print is called afterward with an unusual indentation but it is not part of the hello function at all.
If you want it to be loop infinitely it should be:

def hello():
    print('Hello world!)
    return hello()
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Is it possible the system lets you comment on any submitted solution and not just solutions which pass all the tests?

Slapping my head. My bad!

You mean CLI failing runs? Perhaps. All the same, are there 200 occurrences of a blank file being submitted? This is the most common represented solution - which doesn’t seem right to me.

This is the most common representation? Or the most common without any feedback?

It looks like the stub file. If the representer doesn’t modify the file much, the stub makes sense to be the most common file since it has a really good chance of being the same across users.

The most common without feedback.

That means a lot of people are submitting stub files through the CLI?

Interestingly, it’s stopped around five months ago, even though it’s (currently) the top representation without feedback.