Update Bird Watcher's description to be slighly more clear

While attempting the bird-watcher exercise, I found the first task confusing because I was unsure of where to retrieve the values from the previous week. It took me a while to realize they had to be hardcoded in.

I plan to revise the description to clarify that the values need to be entered directly into the program, avoiding technical jargon that might be unfamiliar to beginner programmers. Please let me know if it makes sense to open a PR for this (well, I did open a PR for this but it got auto-rejected for not being in the forum yet) . Thank you!

I think a PR could be useful, although I would opt for a slightly different wording then your PR. What about:

For comparison purposes, you always keep a copy of last week’s counts nearby. Implement the (static) BirdCount.LastWeek() method to return last week’s counts, which were: 0, 2, 5, 3, 7, 8 and 4: