Update Bundler to version 2.5.6 on the Ruby track

Hello, Everyone!

Hope you are safe and well.

I am new to Exercism. I stumbled upon it from a ChatGPT recommendation. Thoroughly enjoying the Ruby exercises so far.

While on the Ruby track, I have noticed some minor issues and wanted to see what it would be like to try and fix them. To start, I thought a Bundler version update might be a quick win to see what the overall PR review process is like. The README does not make mention of the community forum step otherwise I would have started here.

Would this be a useful update the the Ruby repository?

Looking forward to contributing to Exercism!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve reopened the PR. I imagine it’s fine to merge, but I’ll let @kotp check it.

It would be good to discuss any further PRs here before opening them, to ensure your energy goes into things that we’d want to merge etc. Thanks!

Sounds good!

I’ll be sure to start a discussion here before creating a PR.

I have seen the PR, as you already likely know.

I agree with it. I think that there are a few things we can do better, if you would like to tackle it.

The Gemfile itself should specify minimum versions, while the Gemfile.lock is generated from that, with the dependency checking and things that it is responsible to keep track of.

So, minitest version, bundler version, etc., being specified in the Gemfile is probably better than a Gemfile.lock change only.

It also means that those that may have installed later versions will not get a warning message of the mismatch (error or not), if they use bundle exec.

Thank you, @kotp.

I have updated the PR with my findings. The Gemfile.lock change appears to be the current convention for tracking Bundle versions.

I have also been investigating how the PR would affect the Ruby Test Runner and have a PR for that as well. I realise now that I should have discussed this first before opening the PR. I’ll do my best to rewire my brain accordingly :sweat_smile:.

To update here, bundle _2.2.22_ install will specifically use that version, which means that the gemlock file will not be modified with a “Bundled with” version change for the user.

A tactic could be that we have a tool in bin/ that will perform that work with knowledge from the Gemfile perhaps of what that version should be.